Xenith Epic

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  • High school, college, and professional football players


  • Custom fit provided by patented Adaptive Head Protection System, no air pumps needed
  • FitBand: A silicon band that cinches to the head, providing a custom fit
  • Fitlock: Injected high density foam pad that conforms to the occipital bone for ultimate fit and comfort
  • Repositionable and interchangeable 3DX Jaw Guard for customized fit


  • 3DX Chin Cup features silicon liner for superior comfort and secure fit
  • RD Comfort Pads features soft, conforming, breathable material
  • Six vents on each side of the helmet shell create maximum airflow keeping the head cool during play


  • Top ranked helmet on the NFL Health and Safety Report
  • 5-star rated helmet on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings


  • Multi Stage shock absorbers enhance protection from linear and rotational forces by generating multiple levels of counteracting force
  • Shock suspension system allows the bonnet and head to move independently from the shell, de-coupling the head from linear and rotational forces
  • Polycarbonate shell designed for high level impacts
  • XRD Comfort Pads firm upon impact for additional protection


Please contact the League office to purchase this item.